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The Joy of CX Podcast // The Luxury of CX

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

This week's instalment ofThe Joy of CX we speak to globally renowned marketing and CX specialists Megan French and Craig Lee, alongside oomph's very own CX Guru Stephen Priestnall, about how the word Luxury has evolved to mean something far deeper than the expensive and desirable.

We explore the way in which these brands think about their customer experience - and learn from the mistakes that can arise when attempting to implement a luxury ethos globally across multiple domestic markets when each is characterised by its unique nuances and varying interpretations of the concept among people from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs.

Presented by Sue Carter.

Featured guests;

Stephen Priestnall - CEO at oomph agency

Megan French -Senior Marketing Executive based in Kingdom Saudi Arabia

Craig Lee - Global CX & EX Specialist based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Recorded & Edited by Mr Anderson Limited for oomph.

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