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Doritos 'Ketchup Kiss'

Working in collaboration with BBDO/AMV (Toronto) and Flare Studio (UK) the team at Mr Anderson Limited created a lyric video visual concept around the Doritos brand with original music score and animation entitled 'Ketchup Kiss'.

The creative team at Mr Anderson wrote and produced a rock ballad that described a desperate yearning for the return of his love - in this case a triangular shaped snack. We then storyboarded and animated a music video for the song.

The final film was promoted and distributed via the bespoke Doritos TV streaming platform/content hub and social media platforms.

Shirley Mukerjea, senior marketing director at parent company PepsiCo Foods Canada described the campaign as “next level” and “the hallmark of the Doritos brand”. “We know that our Gen-Z fan base is constantly connected, searching for inspiration and looking for ways to boldly express what makes them unique,” says Mukerjea. “We felt there was no better way to connect with them than via a free video streaming platform with original content, developed by creators who have expressed their deep love of Doritos Ketchup chips.”

Thank you's to James Knight for co-writing, arranging, performing and producing the music and to Dimitris Armenakis for the wonderful illustration & animation skills.


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