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Podcasts are the new...

As part of my work with CX agency oomph I

have initiated a new podcast series entitled The Joy of CX (available on all the major streaming platforms). As a creator it's been a rewarding experience finding out how to record, edit, use AI to transcribe and distribute this presenter led format via the amazing Buzzsprout platform. It's early days but the response has been really positive and a perfect way to communicate the most up to date and relevant aspects of the customer experience offering, as well as bringing in various experts from the research, insight and strategy realms to explain how their process works and how they fit together into the overall CX strategy. I am currently working on another series for WECymru - part of the global Wellbeing Ecomomy Alliance - which has already scored a number one in the podcast charts in Denmark! To discuss your next podcast series please get in touch

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